Wednesday, January 14, 2009

BirthDay Gifts for my friends


This is 14, Jan 2009. Last three days are very enjoyable for me. Bcz Birthday of my 4 friends came in these days. And we celebrated these days like a Grand Party. And i gave them some pencil sketches drawn by me.
I Hope, they like it and also comment here.

1. This is the Gift of RD(Rajdeep).

2. For Shalini and Ruchi.


  1. wow yaar
    What a drawing you have draw.I think drawing with pencil is better than colors.One can make his drawing good with colors but with a pencil make the drawing beautiful is an amazing talent. I will give 100 marks out of 10 for this drawing.

  2. Rajdeep will love that gift what you present her. But i didn't had anything on my birthday bro. and it has past about months.By the way your pencil Drawing is very impressive..may your Drawing will grow day by day..

  3. Sorry Sumit, I have one for you, Bro.
    I will give you some more interesting.

  4. wow..... thanx Soman!

    you know everyone liked ur drawing when i showed it to them. And started asking who these two buddies are??? :)

  5. And, sukhjit made their lips that you draw to forget, i think!

  6. No, i don't forget anything about my drawings.
    And i never like anyone alter my drawings.

    Now i think i never draw anything for anyone. When all the persons are Superior than me. Then why not they draw drawings themselves.


  7. OMG... itna gussa..... ahahhahahahah!

    Look, she just gave them a cute n set smile, but didn't try to alter your drawing!

    If you get it badly, i'd surely erase those lips..... and would make it as it was made by you! Khush...

    we appraise ur talent and no body tries to compete u... don't get it wrong!

  8. I don't think that anyone comparing me. I only say that don't make my drawings ugly.
    Hope you understand my feelings and never do this again.

  9. love the drawings especially the Johnny bravo!two thumbs up!My kids loves this TV show.