Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Christmas Work In Office

Hi friends, I am sharing my white board drawings with you that i have drawn on Christmas Occasion. All my colleagues encourage me for this and appreciate my work. Have a look below at these pictures.

1. Here i was giving the finishing touch to this picture.

2. Here is the final view of it.


  1. Hey..... SOMAN how intelligent and smart u r!
    is it good that you're holding just a marker in front of the picture made by me and taking the whole credit!

    I'll kill u man.... tell everyone that it's made by RD......hahahhaha

  2. Ab aayega maza, ab hogi tum dono ki ladai..hahah fight with together and enjoy!!!

  3. OH ho, that one is nice post Raj. Mujhe tumse yahi ummed thi.
    Lohri ane hi wali hai. dekhte hai tum kya banati ho. aur haan, apna BD gift Bhool jana.

  4. Dost dost na raha .... soman soman na raha....
    eh mere pyare se b'day ab mujhe kisi gift ka intzarr na raha!

    Khush.... i accepted ur challenge and would made yours' drawing. get ready!

  5. Ok, i m always ready for the challenges.
    May God Give you strength for this.

  6. Heya Sir, awesome blog you have here.
    Would keep visiting.