Friday, January 2, 2009

Get The Pencil Drawings Of Cartoons And Peoples By Soman

Hi people starting this post with a thought that you people would enjoy my recently produced drawings of cartoons, peoples. Below are some of my latest creations which you peoples would enjoy and thats for sure.

So Grab my latest collection here....

1. This image is from Naruto Cartoon. This is Sasuke(the Sharingen Boy) pencil drawing, friend and opponent of Naruto.

2. This image is taken from the dragonball z cartoon. While sketched i imagined I implement it, here on this pencil drawing.

3. This pencil sketche one of my favorite. And this is about two feathers. I give it pencil and blue pen color.

4. This sketche is one of my quick work. And this drawing also inspired from an anime series.

5. This drawing is one of my sharp drawing. Unique thing in this sketche is, the stud. I have drawn this stud first time.

Hopefully you people like my creativeness and will only make sure when you people would share your thoughts with giving a comment below either it is negative or positive. I would appreciate both.
I would upload more pencil drawing in future so keep visiting and don't forget to bookmark.

Soman Rawat


  1. Hey your sketches are so nice. i like the 2nd one.

  2. What to say about your sketches yar. These sketches are awesome!! I want to share some sketches of mine. i will mail you soon and will put them on your wonderful blog.


  3. well friend its a art which is gifted to you by God.

    Just wanna say that keep this great job up.


  4. It is really great art by you. I very impressive.
    I like it very much.

  5. Soman,your drawing are really splendid. specially your drawing of lord Ganesha are really nice.

  6. hey buddy thats a good art have good cousin also like your sketches and appreciates it.well keep it up.........nice job you are doing.

  7. hey soman u r a good pencil artist...all the pencil work is just amazing and very keep ur pencil "sharp" all the time..keep it up and post new things regularly.....